Theaterworkshop mit David Taylor
Einen Schultag nur Englisch sprechen, schauspielern und einen Film drehen mit
David Taylor, einem ausgezeichneten Regisseur und Schauspieler.
Noch dazu wurde der Workshop vom Bundesministerium gefördert.

Dieses Glück hatten die Schülerinnen und Schüler der 4b Klasse der NMS Wies.

Am 7. März war es soweit. David Taylor studierte das Stück „Pyramus & Thisbe“ mit den Schülerinnen und Schülern ein. Das humorvolle Stück – von ihm herausgegeben und in die moderne Lebenswelt der Kinder übertragene Werk von Shakespeare – sicherte ein Höchstmaß an Spaß für alle Beteiligten.
Er filmte die einzelnen Szenen und alle sind schon gespannt auf den Film. Als Zusatz werden auch die Hoppalas zu sehen sein, die unwillkürlich beim Proben entstehen.
 Image Image
Everybody listens carefully to David.
"Love and sorrow now come your way, .."
 Image Image
Get ready for the performance.
 Image Image
 Image Image
A lion wants to attack Thisbe. But she runs away.
"A lion has taken my dear. Come sword! So, die I!"
 It was a funny, entertaining but also demanding workshop. Thank you David.
Students' opinions about the workshop:
I think it was a really funny and interesting play. We learned many new words and how to emphasise words correctly. David told us many funny embarrassing stories about being in Austria. All in all in my view it’s a cool project and everyone played his or her role very well.

The play with David Taylor was so amazing. My classmates and I had so much fun. It was so funny how Patrick and Gabriel played the two main characters. They made it really funny but my other classmates were also really good. I’m really excited because of the DVD where we can see our work and the out-takes. David was funny when he talked English and then said some words in German.

It was a great day! We had so much fun with David. I think it was cool that every kid got a role. David was very friendly and funny though we had to record a scene four times. We cried tears, tears of laughter. We had so much fun!!!

I liked David a lot. He was always happy and we laughed a lot. And I liked the play, too. In the play there were many “hoppalas”. And I am very excited because of the video which David made. He wants to send a copy to our school. I want to say thank you to my teacher that she has organised it because not every school has the possibility to take part. It was a great day.

Our class was so lucky that David Taylor came to our school on the 7th March. We played a funny play with him. Everybody of our class played at least one role and I think everybody enjoyed it. There were a lot of situations to laugh and it was amazing. I had much fun at playing although I normally hate to be an actor. I am excited when we will see the play on the DVD and of course the out-takes. It was a good experience and I hope I can do something like that once again.
Tobias R.
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